Sarah Underbrink, LCSW

Christian counseling & services for mental health

Healing is possible. You deserve to be whole again, so you can live your best life!

I’m here for you no matter what the cause of trauma has been or how much time has passed since it happened – we’ll help unearth healing in order that authenticity may rise up out of hiding with specialized treatment tailored just right around every single one’s personal story

Sarah Underbrink
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Underbink has years of experience working as a mental health counselor working with patients with various mood & personality disorders, substance abuse problems, psychosis, suicidal ideations, self-harm, spiritual abuse, domestic violence, co-occurring disorders, and religious trauma.

Areas Of Expertise

We all have a unique story to tell and we want you, the individual. We understand that each person is different in many ways which can lead them down various paths during their lifetime but what ties everything together for us at this therapy center is our desire to help heal those who need healing through supportive trauma treatment methods with a Christian counseling approach. Let’s find out more about how it works today by scheduling an appointment as it would be my privilege to be your mental health counselor and advocate.

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